Monday, March 18, 2013

What and Who is Randomosity Critic??

Welcome to my Restaurant Blog......

The purpose of this blog is to provide you guys with some true valuable information on the "random" restaurants I "randomly" decide to go to and try. I love supporting the mom and pop/local businesses and feel that they do not truly get the exposure or credit they deserve...good or bad. So since this is a something I am passionate about and actually have a true "knack" for ... why not?? 

I have worked in every FOH position, from hostess to General Manager in the past 17yrs and it never fails.....when visiting a restaurant I always find myself getting into "business mode" and paying attention to everything during the visit literally "criticing" it.

I almost consider it an art.....yes!!.... Restaurant Art.

 How clean is it? How is the atmosphere? How is the Service? Food? etc.... There is nothing better than going out to a restaurant for a nice meal and everything  is "spot on" from the time you walk into the door, until the time you leave. Not only are places like that hard to find but actually checking around and finding a true review on the whole "experience", not just about the food is pretty least the info I wanna know LOL ;) 

Unless you have ever worked in the restaurant business you probably have no idea what the hell I am talking about. But those of you that have.... DO!  ;)

These posts will be completely Random as well as the Location and Type of Restaurant. Hence the Blog Title....  ;)

BUT the information will be the complete truth, unexaggerative and useful.... whether you are a consumer looking for a new place to try or a manager who wants some "real" feedback on how your restaurant is REALLY doing !!

"Bon Appetit"